The Liminars’ League Podcast series aims to:


  1. To better document the transition processes of former elite athletes to their life after sports through first person accounts provided in interviews with LIMINARS.

  2. To provide athletes preparing for their transition, or going through their own sport career transition (i.e. fellow LIMINARS), a platform to gain insights from stories and strategies shared by LIMINARS that faced and overcame the challenges of their own transition to life after sports.

  3. To provide experts, and other supporters of athletes in transition, with a voice to share their own advice, expertise, and to also gain original insights from the trials and triumphs shared by LIMINARS that contribute to the Liminars’ League.


Podcast episodes will consists of interviews lasting between 20-30 minutes in length.


Three types of interview protocols will be utilized to facilitate the aims of the Podcast series:

  1. A Life After Sports Transition (LAST) Interview of a LIMINAR conducted by one of the researchers at The Liminars Project at UF.

  2. A LAST Interview of a LIMINAR conducted by a fellow LIMINAR that is a member of the Liminars’ League.

    1. LIMINARS that contribute their own LAST Interview (either during a podcast or as part of one of the research projects at The Liminars Project) will be initiated as a member of “The Liminars’ League.”

    2. League “members” will be offered an opportunity to conduct their own LAST Interviews of other athletes in their networks during a podcast episode.

  3. An interview with an expert, researcher, or practitioner conducted by one of the researchers at The Liminars Project at UF.

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