The Liminars Project aims to provide  elite athletes and their supporters with strategies, methods, directions, and the skill sets required to effectively navigate the sport career transition into a productive and meaningful life after sports.


We focus on developing cutting edge knowledge informed by the science on the transition process of athletes, with a particular emphasis on the developmental process of a former athlete’s new career identity in their life after sport.


An integrated identity transition model has been developed to illustrate identity reformation processes and designed to help elite athletes establish a new career identity and make psychosocial adjustments once they leave the high-level competitive sport landscape. Through this conceptual model, innovative training and educational programs have been created and are delivered that assist athletes in acquiring the necessary career capital to facilitate the reformation of an identity and promote optimal psychosocial functioning post-sport life.  


Research, training, evaluation programming, and educational interventions on the sport career transition powered by a team of experts at the Laboratory for Athlete and Athletics Development and Research (LAADR) at University of Florida and catalyzed through partnerships with the UF University Athletic Association and several athlete development practitioners throughout North America. 

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