The Multilayer Identity Development System (MIDS) Model

Although sport management identity researchers have produced many relevant insights, and have contributed important propositions and predictions as to how identity “works” in sport, we contend that this knowledge has evolved in a very fragmented manner. Indeed, our review of the identity literature in sport management indicates that scholars have studied various aspects of identity and utilized several identity theories to frame their research questions. Although progress has been made studying this important construct in sport, we contend that a great deal of confusion remains as to how to best define, measure, and develop identities in sport organizations. Thus, the primary aim of this study is to mitigate this confusion by advancing a conceptual integration of the identity scholarship in sport management with that from several disciplines of psychology (e.g., developmental, cross-cultural, social, personality, organizational) that have also studied this important construct.

Dr. Michael Sagas and Elodie Wendling will present this conceptual piece at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference taking place in New Orleans from May 29 - June 1, 2019.

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